Nike SB Light Up The Streets – Berlin

Berlin, 24th October 2014

More than 200 skateboarders showed up at the Nike Berlin Store, grabbed a limited Mini MagLite and moved on as a massive mob through the streets of Berlin. 200 skateboards and 800 wheels rolling over Berliner Platte caused a unique volume and unforgettable atmosphere. The secret spot and final destination of this movement turned out to be the green bumps at Gleisdreieck. Lightened up and spiced up by a mobile picnic table. Despite freezing temperatures Berlin locals killed it and the dignified ender of this great session is the evidence that great skateboarding also happens close to the freezing mark!

Best Trick Session 1 – Danny Sommerfeld, Bs Nosebluntslide to Fakie
Best Trick Session 2 – Giorgi Balkhamishvili, Fs Crooks Bs Revert
MVP – Farid Ulrich