Sami Harithi

Sami Harithi is one of the select few skateboarders in Germany that have made a lasting impact on an international level. In the 1990s, the young skate prodigy become an international household name. Since then, skateboarding has undergone rapid changes; trends have come, gone, and come back. But not a day goes by at Berlin skate spots without the mention of Sami’s name and some trailblazing moves he was first to put down. Most importantly, Sami is still right here, skating those same spots over three decades later. After all those years, his passion for skateboarding burns as hot as ever, even when it comes to burning the midnight oil on night sessions to push his limits for a new video part. With that said, we are proud to present this part. “Spot On” for Sami Harithi.