profile Aurelien Giraud
Birthday 02.03.98 Hometown Lyon, France
Board Plan B Colin McKay 7.5' Trucks Independent 129
WHEELS Connexion 53mm Shoes Nike SB Janosi US 7
Hometown Lyon, France
Trucks Independent 129
Shoes Nike SB Janosi US 7
Sponsors Nike SB, Plan B, Independent, Connexion Wheels, Wall Street Skateshop, Red Bull

Aurelien is probably THE upcoming kid from France. He is able to skate all kind of spots, super consistent, equipped with a deep bag of tricks, always motivated and with a smile on his lips - the full package. When you see him on his board it'll just take a few minutes and you'll know why most of the pros who already crossed his path are calling him "the future of Skateboarding in France".