profile Denny Pham
Birthday Hometown Berlin
Board Flip 8.0 Trucks Thunder 147 Low
WHEELS Spitfire formula four 51 mm Shoes Nike SB Janoski 10,5
Hometown Berlin
Trucks Thunder 147 Low
Shoes Nike SB Janoski 10,5
Sponsors Nike SB, Flip, Redbull, SkateDeluxe, Spitfire, Thunder, Nixon, Bones Swiss

Denny grew up in Rostock, a small town in the north of Germany. This is where he started skateboarding for in small shitty outdoor wooden skatepark. Since ever he took the two hours train to Berlin to collect footage at the famous spots. A few years ago he finally moved to Berlin. With his movement to Berlin he also brought his skateboarding to the next level. Nowadays Denny is especially known for his smooth and unique style and his amazing ledge skills in Germany, Europe and the world. Probably the Nike SB Shelter will give him the chance to progress his skills to an even higher level: Nollie Heel Fs Crooks Nollie Flip Out? We’ll see!