Birthday Hometown Covina, CA
Board 8.5 Trucks Independent 149
WHEELS 52 mm Shoes Nike SB Blazer Mid US 9
Hometown Covina, CA
Trucks Independent 149
Shoes Nike SB Blazer Mid US 9
Sponsors Nike Skateboarding, Alien Workshop, Spitfire, Pawnshop skate

While you normally wouldn’t refer to someone at the tender age of 16 as an “old soul,” Donovon’s style of skating possesses a maturity and point of view that one would only typically see in pros twice his age.   Forgoing throw-away trends in favor of a more classic trick selection, Piscopo’s unique take may stem in part from his father, Anthony, a former sponsored skater himself and owner of the Pawnshop Skate in Covina, CA.   With such natural ability coupled with the advantage of an intelligent influence, its no wonder that young Donovon has already established himself so quickly as one of today’s top amateurs who will guide skateboarding into tomorrow.