profile Joscha Aicher
Birthday 11.25.1993 Hometown Kiefersfelden, Germany
Board Barbar 8,38 Trucks Thunder 149
WHEELS Supertoxic 53mm Shoes GT Blazer US 9,5
Hometown Kiefersfelden, Germany
Trucks Thunder 149
Shoes GT Blazer US 9,5
Sponsors Nike SB, shrn, Barbar, Supertoxic, Claro, Marijuth

There are only a few skateboarders who are able to reinterpret classic tricks and styles with modern skateboarding by adding own properties and individuality. They are finding their own path between progression and creativity, between objectivity and subjectivity. Joscha Aicher from Munich is one of them. Respecting the past. Embracing the future.

Joscha Aicher

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